Routes are edited inside the map view. A route consists of at least one section. A section is made up of two points that have been selected on the map. The first point you select is your starting point. You can use the search inside the Map view to try and find a particular place to start from. It is also possible to set your own custom points either as a starting point or as waypoints along the route.


1. Find a starting point for Blencathra

  • On the Map view enter the search and start typing Blencathra into the search field. Select Blencathra from the list.
  • Swipe up the Blencathra card to see all the available information. The Base tab shows all possible places with direct routes to Blencathra. Say you want to start your walk from Scales, so select this from the Base list. The view will now pan to Scales to highlight the place on the map.

2. Enter the edit mode

Edit mode Tap the plus sign button at the bottom of the Map view to enter the edit mode. Time to start creating your first route. Select the map point for Scales. Fellbase will now show you the next possible sections that connect to your selected point. Since there are many possible routes from Scales, there will be various sections to chose from.

  • Let’s go up Blencathra the easy way. Select via Scales Fell as the next point on the map. Now tap on Blencathra to finish the first section.
  • Let’s say you don’t go back the same way. For the route back select via Scales Tarn next. This will now show the connection back to Scales. Tap on Scales to finish the second section of the route.

Estimates While planning a route, Fellbase is providing some time and distance estimates depending on your walking speed in your Settings and depending on the elevation and length of your planned route. The info box that shows this data is at the top of the map view and can be swiped left or right to see the estimates for the full route or for the current section respectively.

Done To save this route and exit the edit mode tap the checkmark button at the top right corner. Your route is ready and available. Have a look at Follow A Route to see how to make the most out of Fellbase when on the go.

3. Create more

Edit mode

  • To carry on editing the route, go to Route tab and press the Edit button at the top left corner.
  • To create additional routes, go to Route tab and press the Back to Routes button. This shows you the list of all the available routes you have created so far. Press the Plan a New Route button to create an additional route.

In addition to the normal tap gesture to select an available point that is shown on the map, it is also possible to create your own custom waypoints by using the long-press gesture (tap and hold). This works only on the Fellbase route network indicated by the pink hue. Creating custom waypoints adds flexibility and freedom when creating your own routes by not being confined to the recommended points on the map.

Have a look at the FAQ page if there are still some outstanding questions.